If you own a running club, then you can advertise your club here. There are now many running clubs in the locality, and the business is quite competitive. To make your club stand out and get more members to sign up, you can use our advertisement options which are affordable and gives results. Here are some of the advertising options we offer.

Newsletter ads

We send monthly newsletters to our subscribers, and you can place your ad in this newsletter. You can give a special discount or other lucrative offers for the new members. The newsletters contain interesting articles and news.

We also hold contests for the subscribers here. So, the readers will see your ad and respond to it. You can get a lot of new members for your running club by running a newsletter ad with us.


We can write a good review for your club. We will mention your facilities and highlight your specialities, coaches, achievements, and other things. If you have any star athletes as a member of your club, then we will mention that too.

Social media ad

You can create a social media ad for your club. A video ad will be very effective. We can create an attractive video ad for you demonstrating your club’s indoor space, tracks, and other facilities. We can include footage of any athletic event that you have organized. In the video, we can ad testimonials of your star athlete as well.


You can sponsor different contests and events that we organize. Sponsorship can boost your brand image. More runners will be interested in joining your club.

The ads we create are informative. The prospective customers will know how to become your club member and what facilities they will get. You can consult with our advertising team when creating the advertisement. To know about the advertising rates you can contact us.